Commercial Concrete Services? PRESENT!

Problems with foundations, slabs, or sidewalks? Got your back!

We, at Concrete Contractor Co., offers you a wide variety of concrete services from our professional experts from Charlottesville, Virginia. We have kind and amazing crews and contractors who produce the finest craftsmanship on the east coast!

Our Commercial & Industrial Services Include:

  •         Foundations & Slabs
  •         Parking Lots, Sidewalks & Ramps
  •         Curbs & Gutters
  •         Sandblasting
  •         Demolition
  •         And More

Our Company focus on craftsmanship, timeless and budget-friendly requirements from new construction to renovation or consolidation. We, at Concrete Contractor Co., have combined professional management with leading-edge tools and equipment used in our project. We are proud to say that our professionals and ethically behaved crews and contractors were suitably trained and well-equipped for this job. So don't worry, sit back, relax, and remember that we're here always be to continue our high-quality services to be the best choice for all of your industrial needs.

Commercial Concrete Projects

Removal of Old Commercial Concrete Slabs

Oh! Difficulty in removing your Old Commercial Concrete Slab?

No worries! A Concrete Contractor Co. can remove old commercial in both interior and exterior concrete slabs in ALL areas of Virginia. Utilizing jackhammers, concrete saws, or bobcats equipped with breakers. We can remove and haul away both small and large commercial projects just only for you.

Saw Cutting Commercial Concrete Slabs

Did you know…?

That we can utilize floor saws to cut out sections of interior concrete slabs for preparation of groundwork, and rough-in plumbing? When saw cutting commercial of the interior concrete slabs, we typically utilize 14-inch electric diamond blade concrete saws to neatly and systematically cut out the areas required to prepare. Once the concrete has already cut out, we will use jackhammers to produce a clean-cut channel for electrical or plumbing rough work. 

Once your groundwork for your commercial building has already been installed, we will come back and prepare the area for our concrete installation. Typically, we will install mechanically installed rebar, gravel, and a vapor barrier before we pour the new concrete. Once the area is now prepared, we will pour concrete to your specifications. And that's how it works. Amazing, right?

Pouring Commercial Concrete

Talking about the Concrete Contractor Co., pouring concrete for a commercial project requires expert personnel and proper management in which most of the jobs that Concrete Contractor Co. does - precise leveling, reinforcement, and superior concrete design mix.

After removing the area from the concrete, the proper rebar, gravel, and reinforcement must be in place before the inspection. The same goes for fishing the concrete slab, which requires a machine finish.

Concrete Contractor? Get to know us MORE!

A Concrete Contractor Co. is a commercial licensed contractor that can produce outstanding results, budget-friendly, and on time. But if you're an interior contractor, a large amount of concrete will be needed to bring to Georgia for a perfect finished concrete.

What are you waiting for? We are excited to work with you! See you soon!